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Malaysian Railway (Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad – KTMB) enthusiast. Trainspotting and more. WE ARE NOT RELATED TO KTMB. Fan of British Railways.

RailTravel Station

More than just trains which run back and forth from point A to point B, RailTravel Station takes you on a journey of railways and other means of travel with a special focus on Singapore and Malaysia. Welcome to RailTravel Station where the journey is the destination. This blog serves as a portal for trip reports and other information which may require a lengthy post. To receive short, frequent updates, please like our Facebook page.

Malaysian Railway

Blog about railway fan evokes memories of Malaysian trains.


Blog mengenai kereta api di Malaysia.

Keretapi dot com

If you’re obsessed with trains and especially KTMB trains, you have come to the right page! My name is Jason Devadason and this website has been up since 1998. Yep, that’s 15 years!! It was first hosted on Tripod and moved to this domain in 2002. Back then it was one of the pioneer websites dedicated to Malaysian trains.

Great Malaysian Railway Journey

In these Malaysian Railways journeys I travel by slow train from Penang to Singapore. With a copy of the Federated Malay States Railway’s Pamphlet of Information for Travellers from 1914 as my guide, I retrace the sights and experiences of a hundred years ago and compare them with Malaysia today (and Singapore).

KTM Railway Fan Forum

Forum for KTM railway fan to discuss about interests in Malaysia railway network.

Asian Railways

Information and history of South East Asia’s railways.


It all started with a noble desire, which is to provide up to date and reliable information about transport sector in Malaysia. With the experience of serving our visitors for more than two years, LANDASAN looks forward to achieve greater standard while always making visitors’ satisfaction a top priority.

Coretan Alkimia Railfans

Tidak khusus untuk kereta api semata-mata tetapi banyak info dan diskusi mengenai kereta api di Malaysia.

When Rail Matters

Blog by Sharen Kaur.